Ranking Guarantees – The Promise Of The Unethical

Ranking Guarantees – The Promise Of The Unethical

As we’ve covered previously, there is so much misinformation abound with regards to what constitutes as SEO, and what services should be covered when employing an SEO professional. I have read, all too often, that the only way to get any website to top positions in Google et al is to massively and indiscriminately link build. That’s not to say that organic links back aren’t important. They are, but not necessarily for rankings. Write a good quality blog post, and it will be shared. The sharing of the link is to point others to your website for relevant and interesting information, not Google.

I spent many years working as an SEO freelancer before I started here at Website Inspectors. While this is a great way for people like me to obtain a nice little income from the comfort of home, freelancer services also help us understand the best and the worst SEO practices out there. The problem is that most freelancers will say anything to secure your job. When I say “they will say anything”, I generally mean most will lie.

One of the most common comments I’ve seen on freelancer boards, and also questions from potential freelancer clients in the various systems, regards the guarantee of specific placements in Google, Bing and Yahoo. I’ve seen so many people with little-to-no feedback or reputation points within these communities guarantee that they can get any site to number one, and freelance buyers eat it up…until they find their website in the vicious sandbox and come running back to a true SEO pro who never made such silly claims.

The fact is, we can all get websites to #1 positions, though for the most insane terms that no one else is stupid enough to target. It’s simple. However, what is more tricky is being able to generate top rankings for the m0st competitive terms out there which actually pertain to a website, it’s content and motive. And while this is something I have been able to do time and time again, it’s never something I would guarantee to a potential customer.

Any SEO professional worth his or her salt will never give a specific guarantee of rankings in Google or any other top engine. We don’t work for Google and we don’t have a direct line into their algorithm or database which would allow us to manipulate a website’s rankings to be number one. That’s a fact. However, all we can do is guarantee that your website will achieve stronger rankings and ethical work will be implemented which can only benefit your website. Unfortunately, many project buyers out there don’t like that level of honesty and would rather throw thousands away on some idiot who makes claims they can not uphold.

In short, no one should ever trust an ‘SEO pro’ who offers very specific rankings for a website. The reasons why are numerous. Most people who make such claims often don’t know the first thing about SEO and will likely run with black hat, quick fixes which generate rankings for a short time (a couple of days to show the numbers on the screen and until they see the numbers in their bank accounts). While it might be impressive for you to see your website listed at number one for 24 hours and under some ridiculous, unconnected term which no one would ever look up, this is not effective SEO and will not generate the traffic you require.

Even Google themselves say that if any SEO person offers you guaranteed results, run like the wind and never look back.

Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.

It’s time for website owners to really smarten up and not get drawn in by promises that can not be upheld. While I, and Website Inspectors, might have received a lot of clean up work from people who were fooled by the guarantees of number one spots, it still doesn’t make the situation fair.

Instead of asking for ranking guarantees, maybe it’s time for people to request guarantees that their SEO pro will work ethically and not damage their website as, in all honesty, choosing the honest person the first time around will save you listings and generate those rankings you desire.

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